Edward Bass Producer And Magnificent Filmmaker

moviemaker, moviemaker, film maker. If you have made any films before you will already know that there is a lot of editing to be do. Karan is known to have a great taste in clothes. The action and sometimes violent film takes aim at the subject of children being sold into sexual slavery. That’s where my heart was at. If you are smart and can deliver in today’s age, you can dictate your terms better than back in the day. Siku says that using a mobile phone gives him the chance to film regular people in situations where he would ordinarily not be able to film. The power of word of mouth cannot be denied since evidence is in viral videos. The purpose of this group of film-makers was to “bring alive” in terms of cinema some of the essential but taken-for-granted phases of modern life.

The movie took a closer look at the kind of dirty politics; ministers play to stay in power. This is something to remember if you want your film length to be a specific amount of time when completed. Without these things, you won’t be able to create films that would be loved by viewers and hated by critics. Madhur also used to sell chewing gums at traffic signals to earn money. I knew that this project was an urban story and could be done cheaply if the right people were involved. Good luck and fight the good fight. Now that you know about video editing and the things you need you are ready to begin the journey of amateur filmmaker to professional director.