'Butter,' The Movie: Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell Star In Film Devoted To Dairy …

When a stripper is one of the main characters, you know that problems run much deeper than dairy.


'Butter,' The Movie: Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell Star In Film Devoted To Dairy …

"Last year, we first learned of "Butter," the movie about, well, competitive butter sculpting. Starring Jennifer Garner …. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/Onfire1802/butter-movie-trailer-jennifer-garner_n_1832863_181031268.html. History …"

Metallica Brings 'The Full Arsenal' 3D Show to Vancouver

Awesome display of pyro, effects bodes well for concert film


Metallica Brings 'The Full Arsenal' 3D Show to Vancouver

"When Metallica announced the location of their 3D concert film back in May, devoted fans made plans to travel by boat, train and plane to attend the two shows, providing Metal-i-lifers the bragging rights of being a part of the group's cinematic …RollingStone.com"


'Meerkats 3D' At Connecticut Science Center

The Connecticut Science Center's 3D theater is changing its movie offerings starting on Tuesday, Sept. 4, removing "Sea Rex 3D" and "LEGO Clutch Powers 2D" from the daily lineup and replacing it with "Meerkats 3D."


'Meerkats 3D' At Connecticut Science Center

"The movie, produced by National Geographic Cinema Ventures (which also produced the film "Flying Monsters 3D"), follows a take-charge female meerkat, Klinky, and her clan as they take on daily challenges in a community of meerkats in the scorching …"


First Look at Official Poster for Pixar's 'Monsters Inc' 3D Re-Release

Disney/Pixar's Monsters Inc 3D will arrive in theaters December 19th, a mere five days after The Hobbit lands in theaters in 3D. We'll keep an eye out.


First Look at Official Poster for Pixar's 'Monsters Inc' 3D Re-Release

"Quickly following, Disney will be putting out Monsters Inc in 3D as well, getting released in December (instead of January), a good six months before we get to see Pixar's new feature film, Monsters University. Which, as we already know (and have seen …First Showing"


Put on your 3D glasses: Metallica 3D movie is being filmed

The first live show was filmed in Mexico City and the second in Vancouver on August 24.


Put on your 3D glasses: Metallica 3D movie is being filmed

"The band Metallica will do a third live show this Monday August 27 and film the extra footage needed for their upcoming 3D movie. The ticket price for the Vancouver show is going to be $5 and the money will go to charity. The downside is that the movie …"